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–no, no, not Howdy Doody time–it’s time for a second jolt of Heinous Halloween Horror from The House of Jones!
That’s right, my second horror novel is upon us! And it has no intention of leaving! So, fasten your drool cups, kiddies >heh-heh< pull up that fungus encrusted tombstone, drop your linen and start your grinnin’, SHIMMER is here! 

Well…almost here: the trade paperback is at the printer, and the Kindle version just days behind it–plenty of time to beat the Hallows rush! 

For those of you who STILL don’t know: you can download the Kindle on your very own PC or IPad now–and the app is free! $2. 99 and you got the book! And don’t tell me you can’t spare THAT much from your hip pockets or purses! Remember: “reading is your greatest entertainment value!”  

And there’s more amidst this stinko economy: Amazon has dropped the price of my first horror novel THE DEADENDERS from $17.99 to $12.95 so you got something to read in the bread line! A great value for you and I’ll make more by selling more copies–a win-win! 

What’s that? The new book, SHIMMER?
Well, its about this desert, see…this strange little town in the middle of that desert, the stranger folk who live in that strange town in the desert, the REALLY strange things that happens to the desert and the folk when the burning sun begins to set…and the unlucky vacationing family of three who take that one little wrong turn and find themselves in the middle of that strange desert town, and how they…but that would be telling

Do Not read SHIMMER at night.
Do Not read SHIMMER alone.
Or in a dark house, especially if it’s in the middle of a small desert town and your life insurance isn’t paid up.
Yeah, yeah–you’ve heard this kind of come-on before, but no kidding, gang, this damn thing even got under my skin! This time the scares are both graphic AND psychological and always when you’re looking the other way. So, strap in tight, both hands on the safety bar, do not stand up, and feel free to scream after the first plunge…it only gets worse!

And whereever your Halloween party is–I’ll be there in spirit!
Sort of.

Bruce Jones

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